[MW-S05] 04 Review of Lymphoma
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  • 강의대상
    소동물 수의사, 수의대 학생
  • 강사명
    킴 힐러스
  • 강의시작
    2019.09.23 21:00
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    2019.09.23 22:00
Lymphoma is one of the most commonly treated cancers in dogs and cats.
Although generally not considered "curable," many pets with lymphoma can live longer lives with good quality of life.
We will review diagnostic and treatment options, and discuss practical options for pet owners.

Various treatment options exist for lymphoma, and some are more appropriate for different forms of lymphoma.
We will review chemotherapy administration, and what to do if there is an accidental extravasation.
We will also discuss newer treatment options for lymphoma, newer practical information about
when and how to use certain medications, and more unique forms of lymphoma in dogs and cats.

* Dr. Kim Hillers는 미국 수의내과 종양 전문의로 해마루 동물병원에서
종양환자들에 대한 정기 컨설팅, 디스커션, 그리고 세미나 등을 진행해주고 있습니다.

* 본 웨비나는 영어로 진행되는 강의이며, 영어 자막을 추가하여 송출됩니다.